Sunday, February 21, 2010

Update on Jim and my Dad - 2/21/10

Tomorrow is Jim's #4 chemo plus we get the results of the PET scan from last week. We are optimistic that the chemo will go well and that the results of the scan will be good. I'll post results NLT Tuesday.

Wanted to share...we got together with our camping friends last night and had a delightful time eating and visiting. We joined our camping club a couple years ago - the Rolling Rovers - with the intent of discovering new places to camp. Mission accomplished on that regard. But what we didn't expect was that we would make many new friends. Our camping friends really touched our hearts with their outpouring of concern for Jim. We can't wait for this summer to be able to spend more time with them!

My dad went back into the hospital on Friday. The infectious bursitis that he had problems with a month or so ago in his leg must not have been all gone, because it had come back. The knee was turning red and very painful. They wanted to put him the hospital and give him antibiotics via IV. They put in a port this time right off the bat which is very good because his arms are still a mess from all the IV's that he during his last stay. He had another transfusion today because something in his bloodwork wasn't right. They also determined that his heart was in A-Fib (?) and when the heart doctor came in this afternoon he started a new med to that his supposed to get his heart back in the proper rhythmn. He was told originally that he would be going home Monday but it doesn't look that will be the case. Please pray for his improvement so he can get home.

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