Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update on Jim - 2/18/10

Jim had his PET scan yesterday and it went well. He knew what to expect this time so that makes it easier. The technician let Jim look at his scan on the computer afterwards. The tech asked him where the tumor was and Jim told him his left hip pelvic area. The tech pointed to it on the screen and said it doesn't look there is anything there anymore. The tech emphasized that the actual reading would be done by a radiologist and that he wasn't making any interpretation - just stating what he saw. This confirms what we suspected (and hoped) - because Jim's pain is now totally gone, the tumor must be gone. He'll see Dr. Nabi on Monday before Chemo #4 and will get the official report.

Jim is still feeling tired, but that is to be expected. It is not enough to keep him from doing anything. He is working each day, but tired in the evening. Last night after eating supper he laid down on the couch and watched the Olympics. Not something he would do normally but not unexpected due to the chemo. Please keep praying that the side effects continue to be minimal. He is so blessed to have so many people praying for him. When we pray each evening I ask God to look into the hearts of everyone that is praying for Jim and to help you with whatever is heavy on your heart. We all have something we need His help with......

Regarding my Dad - he is getting stronger each day. There are no immediate plans to do anything other then rehab. He had his first rehab at the hospital yesterday and another is scheduled for next week. I'm not sure what all that entails but I'm sure that they want him to continue to build his strength. He has lots of doctor appointments each week. When Jim & I visited him last Sunday evening I was impressed with how good he looked. He too is being lifted up in prayer by many people...and it shows!


Heidi Kanealy said...

Jim - So happy to hear the PET scan looked so good! I've been following your progress and the updates on the website and have been glad to hear that you've been getting through the treatments about as well as could be hoped. I hope everything continues to go well, I'm still praying for you and keeping you in my thoughts. Good luck with the rest of the treatments, and let me know if you need a PT for anything! Take care!
Heidi Kanealy

Terri said...

Heidi - We appreciate your prayers. And just so you know, we do not hesitate to tell people that you are responsible for Jim finally getting the MRI which found his cancer. We would recommend your clinic - Accelerated PT to anyone needing physical therapy!