Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update on Jim - 2/28/10

This wasn't one of Jim's better weekends. Things didn't start out real good Friday afternoon. I was noticing as the afternoon progressed that Jim wasn't looking so well. He had taken some tylenol after lunch because he felt a headache coming on and his stomach started feeling a bit funny as the afternoon progressed. Jim is not a complainer and he would have most likely just suffered it out. But a little after 4:00 I suggested that he do what he needed to and that we should leave early so he could get home and lay down. He actually agreed quite quickly which caught me by surprise. We got out of there shortly thereafter and we went home and he went straight to the couch. He laid there all evening, no TV, just dozing on and off. We had had plans to go to dinner and a movie with his brother Steve and wife Vicki, but we had to bow out. Around 9 we headed to bed and he slept all night. On Saturday and again today (Sunday) he has had been on the edge of a headache, not ever getting too bad. He has been taking Motrin for it with some relief. We went about normal activities the rest of the weekend although I'd say Jim's appetite hasn't been 100%. I know the headache plays some role in that but part of it is because food hasn't been tasting right. Jim says many things just taste "blah". Hard to get excited about eating when it doesn't taste good!

We are very aware that the side effects have been very minimal up to this point, which we are very greatful for. Please continue your prayers in this regard. Thanks so much!

Next chemo: March 15th

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