Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update on Jim - 2/2/10 (& my dad)

Yesterday Jim had chemo #3 and it went very well. He actually felt and looked great after it was all over. The chemo nurses remarked how very well he is doing, not run down which is pretty normal at this point. (...it is all the prayers...) Jim is at work this morning and feeling good, although he admits to feeling a little tired. We are waiting for a phone call from the oncology office with date and time of the PET scan. It will be a few days before chemo #4, so that the doctor will have to time to get the results before the appointment (2/22/10). Because of the dramatic decrease in Jim's hip pain we are looking for it to show a shrinking tumor!

Don't stop praying for Jim as he is now heading into the period of time in which he is most likely to experience the side effects of the chemo. Fatigue is the most common complaint. And as his immune system continues to be broke down he will be more and more susceptible to illness.

Regarding my dad - he was discharged from the hospital on Sunday evening. We now understand that bypass surgery is not completely ruled out but it is definitely not going to be in the near future. They need his blood to clot where it needs to clot and be thin where it needs to be thin. Finding this perfect balance is the trick. He is taking a ton of meds and is VERY tired. He spent most of the day in bed yesterday and was still there at 9 this morning when I last checked. His blood sugar and blood pressure have both been in normal ranges which is a good thing. Please continue to pray for his recovery.

Thanks to all of you who are praying. Jim feels it. My dad feels it. It is such a blessing!

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