Friday, February 5, 2010

Update on Jim - 2/5/10

This is a bit odd...but there isn't much to report on Jim. Which is a very good thing when you consider that he is smack dab in the middle of his chemo treatments! Jim commented yesterday that he feels pretty much pain free now. Only occasionally do you catch a slight limp in his walk, but that may be because he is tired and still trying to rebuild those leg muscles that were pampered for so long. What an absolute miracle! We thank God that so many people have lifted Jim up in prayer! Please don't stop now since we still have a ways to go! But be assured your prayers are being answered!

My dad got home Sunday night as you know. The next two days he spent almost entirely in bed, sleeping. He was just soooo tired! We visited with him Wednesday night and his spirits are good. He saw the doctor yesterday afternoon and got the word as far as his blood platelets. They are now in the normal range. Which is good, but they still aren't doing the job they are supposed to. Why? Because Dad's kidneys are not functioning correctly. They are at 25-30% of normal function. He is in Stage IV renal failure. He has three doctors conversing about what to do next, but it appears that nothing will happen for several weeks. They want him to rest and build his strength. So we wait...and we continue to pray....

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