Friday, January 29, 2010

Update on my dad - 1/29/10

My dad's surgery was cancelled at 7:15 a.m. The surgeon said he was reviewing my dad's tests and history last night and determined that his blood clotting ability was not where it needed to be to undergo a bypass procedure. I'm not sure whether to cheer or be sad. The prospect of surgery of this magnitude with him in the fragile condition that he is in, had me quite anxious about how it would come out. Also the long road to recovery afterwards was a bit daunting. But, without the long can he live? But I must remind myself, that everything is in HIS hands and we must find comfort in that knowledge. And we must trust in the training and expertise of the physicians. So what is the next step? I have no clue. How long will they keep in the hospital? Unknown. Will they decide to do the surgery a week from now? Could be, not sure.

The praying continues. For improved health. For a stronger heart. To go home and have a good quality of life.

In the midst of all this I am SOOOO thankful that Jim is doing well!

Keep praying!!! And we will continue to pray for you too.

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