Friday, January 22, 2010

Update on Jim 1/22/10

Not much to report this week (alleluia!). Jim has been sleeping well, has worked every day, is not overly tired, is eating well and feels pretty good. What a blessing it has been! The Lord has heard all of our prayers. Don't let up though as Jim still has a long way to go!

Thought I'd share some pictures with you. One of our co-workers, Tim, decided to buzz his hair in support of Jim's recent hair changes. He decided to give Jim the honors of doing it himself. So on Monday evening, after we closed shop, Jim played barber and buzzed Tim's hair. Tim's wife even brought their 2 kids down and they got to watch their daddy do a very nice thing.

Can you tell Jim was trying to do a good job?

Here are the two baldies together! Jim & Tim...lookin' good!

If you have any more room on your prayer list, add my Dad (Larry). He was admitted to the hospital this morning. We took him to the ER after he experienced shortness of breath. Seems he had a heart attack sometime in the last 48 hours and didn't know it. Now they need to do some heart tests to determine the damage but due to kidney issues (diabetes related), they have to be very careful or they could throw him into renal failure.
Keep on praying. We in turn our praying for all of you, our prayer warriors. You don't know how much we appreciate it!

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