Monday, January 11, 2010

Update on Jim 1/11/10

Chemo # 2 was today and it went very well. We were at the oncology office at 8:15 this a.m. Jim had lab work done and then met with the doctor. Dr. Nabi had lots of questions about how Jim did after the last chemo and was very pleased to hear that he had very little side effects. Dr. Nabi said that Jim has a guage that most chemo patients don't have. She said most chemo patients have to have blind faith that the chemo is doing its job, whereas Jim has physical proof ---- the reduction in pain in his hip. Jim said his hip feels 85-90% normal. The cane may be a thing of the past very soon! YEAH!

Jim feels really good tonight and is planning on being at work tomorrow. The doctor prepared him for the fact that the side effects could be a little harder with each treatment. So please continue the prayers for them to be minimal!

The plan that the doctor has laid out is to have chemo #3 on 2/1 and then just before chemo #4 she will schedule scans to see how everything is progressing. Based on how good Jim's hip is feeling it is a pretty sure thing that the tumor is shrinking. YEAH!!

Thanks to all of you who are praying for Jim! We know they are making all the difference! The supportive emails and cards are also greatly appreciated.

NEXT APPT: Chemo #3 on Monday, 2/1/10


kmc2100 said...

I can't beieve my mom just told me about your blog. I am thrilled that you post all of these recipies and can't wait to try some of them. I am keeping you and Jim in my prayers and so gald to hear he has responded so well to the chemo. Take care. Kelly

Jenny said...

Terri, thank you for posting updates on my dad's progress for others to view and keep updated. The recipes and photos of the food dishes make me hungry, hope to come and eat them sometime other than the holidays, We'll have to make dinner dates with all of us