Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Update on Jim 1/5/10

Jim is having continued improvement on his hip/leg pain. I've seen him move around more without the cane which is a very good sign. On the flip side, he seems to be coming down with a cold. He started gargling with salt water a couple days ago when he felt the early tickle of a sore throat. Today you can hear it in his voice. Hopefully he can get past it before the chemo in 6 days.

Hair today... gone tomorrow??? He has noticed something else that is a bit odd, his facial hair seems to not be growing as fast. He commented this morning that he could probably get by without shaving as it wasn't much more then a 5:00 shadow. (Although he went ahead and shaved anyway.) Whether this is an indication of changes to come we don't know. Jim has stated repeatedly that losing his hair would be no big deal. Of all the possible side effects this one is the least concerning. Rachelle and Becca went shopping for an assortment of head gear for him a couple weeks ago. With the very cold temperatures we are experiencing he now has a variety of hats that he can wear indoors or outdoors. So if it happens he is ready.

If anyone wants to send Jim any emails directly you can do so at: jim@customhose.com . He would enjoy hearing from you. In the meantime keep those prayers coming....

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Becca said...

With this cold weather, he could use the hat whether he loses his hair or not!