Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update on Jim - 8/22/10

Great news!  Jim had his PET/CT scan this past Monday and blood work on Friday before he saw Dr. Nabi.  Everything came back all clear!!!  Dr. Nabi was very pleased. 

Jim had gotten to know so many people in the oncology office that he was greeted over and over again.  People commenting on his hair and how great he looked.  He is definitely stronger then he has ever been.  He and I get up before work each day and work out for 30-35 minutes.  Because of the exposure he got at the St. Luke's Wellness Center he does things he never did before - such as bands and free weights.  His energy appears limitless!  Thanks for your prayers!

Next visit is December 17th.  No scans, only blood work and a doctor visit.

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heather dohrn-schmit said...

What a wonderful update to read. I'm so happy for you both. Jim's a tough guy to go through all that and come out kicking. Keep up the good news.