Monday, May 3, 2010

Update on Jim - 5/3/10 - Cancer free!

This afternoon went very well. Jim had to be there at 3:30 for lab work. Around 4:00 he was taken back to the room where they do the procedure. Dr. Nabi came in and did her exam and gave Jim the results of his PET/CT Scan from last week. She said that everything looked great. There is "activity" that showed on the scan in the pelvic area but she is confident that the "activity" is in the form of healing that is taking place. She wants to see Jim again in 3-4 months and will have another PET/CT scan done before she sees him. The appointment has not yet been set, the nurse will call with it in the next day or so.

So, anyway Dr Nabi did the spinal infusion procedure and Jim said it was pretty much the same as each of the three times previously done. It was all over pretty quickly and we were on our way home by 5:00. Once home Jim had to once again lay down for 4 hours. At the time I am writing this he has less then 30 minutes left.....and then he is all done!

Now all that is left is for him to regain his leg strength and with the help of the trainer that he is working with that will soon be done. Over the last couple weeks we've been taking walks in the evening. A little bit further each week. If you ask him, Jim will tell you that he feels very good. Isn't that wonderful? Thanks for all your prayers. They have definitely been answered! God is very good!

Please drop him an email on his work account: .

If you have been reading my blog for purposes of following Jim's progress then you have reached the end of regular updates. I plan on posting info as Jim has his re-checks which will be every 3-4 months for awhile. So that you don't have to scroll through all my recipes and running info, you can go to the column on the right and find the label that says "Jim" and click on it. That will bring up everything that has been labeled with his name. You can easily find the latest info that has been posted. Thanks again for your continued interest and prayers!

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