Sunday, May 16, 2010

Marion Arts Festival 5K - May 15, 2010

Patty, Cathy and myself just before the race
On May 15, 2010, I joined my sisters in the Marion Arts Festival 5K race. In actuality it was Cathy's race and Patty and I were along for support. Cathy had completed the Couch Potato to 5K training program and was now ready to put it into action. Since the race was at 8:00, I got up at 5:30 to eat breakfast. By 6:30 I was heading over to pick-up Patty and then off to get Cathy. We were at the race site by 7. Packet pick-up was being done prior to the race, so we got our packets and t-shirts and took them back to the car. Then we started our warm-up jog. The morning was sorta cool - temp in the the upper 40's so we needed to get our core warmed up. We jogged around for 10-15 minutes and then went back to the car and shed our jackets. Another stop at the porta-john and then we headed to the starting point for the race. Even in a sleeveless top I was warmed up and ready to go.

There were a couple of hills but nothing seriously challenging. The weather was perfect and the course was run very well by the volunteers. We were all happy with the results as this was not about "time". It was not a "race" for us. This was about Cathy finishing her first 5K without walking any of it. And....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Being together...sisters...doing something that was good for all of us was absolutely awesome. This was just the beginning!!! Congrats Cathy!!!

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