Sunday, March 28, 2010

Update on Jim- 3/28/10

This was a good weekend for Jim. After a week of being tired, taking naps each day after lunch, hanging out on the couch in the evening, Jim was like a new man when he woke up Saturday. He was able to take his mom out for her Saturday morning shopping and they even did some driving around, looking at the old house and the like. (She enjoys these drives around town now that she doesn't drive herself anymore.) We went out for lunch, went to church and watched a movie with my sister Cathy and her husband Darrell. (It was Blind Side - I highly recommend it!) And then today we went to Menards, for the first time in months. And tonight we went to the church potluck. So it was a busy weekend, but Jim did very well. Tonight his stomach is a little off, but it may be from something he ate at dinner.

We are hoping that this "good" weekend is an indication of what this coming week will be like! Please raise your prayers in that direction...I know we will be!

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