Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update on Jim - 3/24/10

I can finally say Jim is feeling somewhat better then he has for the last week! He has just been exhausted. When at home he was in his PJ's and on the couch 80% of the time. That is what last weekend was like and after we got home from work each weekday. No energy, doesn't want to eat, food doesn't taste good, etc. So yesterday at noon Jim decided to call the doctor's office. Enough was enough. He is afraid that he is coming off as a whiner, but the doctor assures him that he should not "suffer through" the problems. She can help him if she knows what the problems are. So Dr. Nabi told him to come in yesterday and he did. It was decided that he was dehydrated again. He was there for 3 hours while they gave him 1-1/2 bags of fluids. I could tell a difference in him last night. His eyes didn't look glazed over. He didn't look on the verge of exhaustion. Today his appetite is a bit better and he thinks food is tasting better. He is still very tired. He stayed home at lunch today and took an hour nap before returning to work. We got home this evening after running some errands and it was straight into the PJ's and onto the couch. But there is improvement. He is "tired" but not "exhausted". My hope is that he will start seeing some improvement each day. That is what we can continue to pray for!!!

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