Sunday, April 25, 2010

Update on Jim - 4/25/10

On Thursday (4/22) Jim met with the trainer at the St Lukes Cancer Wellness Center. The appointment went very well. The trainer - Matt, put Jim through various exercises to assess where he currently was at. He showed him some new exercises to do and told him that he should start riding the stationary bike. He is supposed to only make small increases in distances, whether it is the bike or walking outside. No more then a 10% increase from week to week. He doesn't want Jim to return till after his final treatment. His next appointment is 5/6 and then Matt will give him a more detailed exercise plan to start working on.

Jim is feeling very well and his activities are very near normal. On the physical side he has lost almost all of his eye lashes and eye brows. Obviously they are the slowest growing hair since they are the last to be lost. But on the other hand Jim's hair on his head seems to be starting grow back in. It is white and seems to be thick. Kind of like peach fuzz. We hear from other cancer survivors that the hair can oftentimes grow back a different color and oftentimes a different texture. Only time will tell!

Tomorrow (4/26), Jim has his PET/CT Scan. That will take around 3 hours. Then next Monday (5/3), Jim will see Dr. Nabi, get the scan results and have his final spinal infusion. It will be much different then his previous chemo days. Instead of being there all day and getting the chemo by IV, he will go at the end of the day and see the doctor. Then she will do the spinal infusion and home we'll go with Jim having to lay down for 4 hours. Our time in the doctors office will take two hours tops. But then it is all done!!! YEAH!

Please continue your prayers for Jim. Specifically that the scans will be clear and that the final infusion will go smoothly. Also, that he will have no side effects from that last treatment. (He has never had only the spinal infusion so we have no idea how that alone will affect him.) Thank you in advance for your continuing prayers. We continue to pray for all of you and your needs in return!

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