Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update on Jim - 4/15/10

Jim is doing very well - thanks for your continued prayers!!

Typically Jim starts feeling better about 10 days post chemo treatment, and this time was no different. Last night was a real good night's sleep. His appetite is doing very well. And there has been no major fatigue this time! Yeah!!!

Dr. Nabi had suggested that Jim go St. Luke's Cancer Wellness program to see if there is any help that they can offer. We met with the program coordinator yesterday and got the overview. Jim's interest lays in their exercise program. They have a trainer that works with the cancer patients and helps them regain their strength. Jim lost alot of his muscle tone in his legs during the months of hip pain that he experienced last year. And then going into chemo treatment he didn't have the energy (or the desire) to do anything that was very exerting. Jim will meet with the trainer for the first time next week and be assessed. Hopefully the trainer will set up a program that will start rebuilding his leg strength. Jim really wants to get back into walking and bicycling and is hoping that this program will get him back into it without hurting himself.

Keep on praying! We appreciate it more then you'll ever know!!!

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