Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Update on Jim 12/30/09

Each day we get up wondering what changes Jim might feel that day. After a rough Monday, the last two days have been pretty good. Jim hasn't taken any more of the anti-nausea meds and hasn't needed to nap mid-day since Monday. He actually feels pretty good and has been working all day. He is still using the cane for support but I've seen him leave it behind when making some short walks around work or at the house. We were told to expect the changes to be like a roller coaster ride. Chemo patients "typically" have a slow decline (feeling the effects of the chemo), then bottoming out and slowing starting to improve, just in time for the next chemo. The ride then starts all over again although the effects happen faster and can hit a little harder with each treatment.

I have no doubt that Jim is surrounded in prayer and we thank you for that! We are very blessed to have family and friends willing to travel this road with us!


Anonymous said...

Terri & Jim. We love you and are praying for you and the family. Thank you for posting updates. Tammy & Freddie.

Unknown said...

We have been praying for Jim. I hope he is feeling better by summer and ready to camp. He is very brave.

I also loved the Apple Brownie recipe. I lost mine, and have been searching for it. Your blog is great.

Don and Connie