Monday, December 21, 2009

Update on Jim 12/21/09

One down and five to go! Chemo #1 was today and all went well!

Jim had to be at Oncology Associates at 8:15. He was originally scheduled for lab work first, followed by a visit with the doctor and then chemo. Because Jim had just been in last week for the biopsy that included lab work they were able to forego that today. One less "stick"! The visit with Dr. Nabi resulted in some very good news....the biopsy on Jim's right hip showed no cancer in the bone marrow! Needless to say Jim went into his first chemo treatment with a very good frame of mind!

The chemo program that Jim is on is called "R-Chop", (Rituxan, Cytoxan, Adriamycin, Vincristine & Prednisone). He received each med separately. The Rituxan was the one that was administered very slowly over a period of hours. The nurse checked Jim's blood pressure and heart rate every 30 minutes. This med was the one they are most concerned about for reactions -- and there were NONE! The administration of the Rituxan and all the other meds went very well. The actual chemo started around 9:30 and was done by 4:00. Jim says that the day went by very fast and was pretty uneventful. Now we wait....

Nausea is the first concern. We are hoping of course that it won't be an issue. But if so, he has meds on hand to take at the first sign of problems. Then in 7-14 days the potential for hair loss and fatigue will present itself. Once again we are hoping that these side effects will also be non-existent. We are optimistic that there will be little if any problems and that the next several months will go by quickly.

Please continue the prayers for Jim not to feel any ill-effects from the chemo. We really appreciate it!!!!


Unknown said...

Way to go...........hope there are no complications and the balance of treatments go just as smoothly.
If you guys need anything, please let me know. As always, your in our thoughts and prayers and have a peaceful and restful Christmas.

See you soon.

Unknown said...

3 cheers for chemo #1, Jim. Hope there were no side effects. Just relax over Christmas and let the entire family wait on deserve it. Call if either of you want to talk. Merry Christmas!!!!