Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thoughts on food blogging

I find myself thinking ALOT about the whole food blogging thing. I've been reading alot of them that are "out there" and really appreciate what they have to offer. I'm hoping that 6 months down the road I'll be able to look back and see that I have documented my cooking/baking journey in such a way that it was worth reading. I was thinking last night about Chelle's blog and how she talks about the races that she has coming up and then posts racing reports after they are done - this isn't that much different. I can anticipate the things I'm looking forward to cooking and then reflect on what I've done after the fact.

Having said that...what am I looking forward to? I will be making kolaches for Aid to Women (an organization I volunteer at). They are having a fundraising golf tourney next week and I'm making kolaches for the kick-off breakfast. After the golfing event is over the golfers will have dinner ready for them. I will be helping with the dinner preparations and serving - but I'm not responsible for any of the planning of that. And then the next food event I'm looking forward to is the following weekend. Chelle and friends are coming into town for a race in Palo and I'm making the dinner that is following it. Chelle gave me the menu so I didn't really have to give much thought to that part of it. (Sounds to me like it pretty much has all the things that are Chelle's favorites!) The menu consists of grilled pork chops, Italian potatoes, broccoli grape salad, corn on the cob and strawberry pretzel dessert. All are things I've made many times before and will glady make again as they are favorites of mine also!

I'm planning on taking some pics and posting recipes after each of these baking/cooking events so there is more to come.

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tribeaner said...

Make sure you take a picture of the empty plates after we eat all that yummy food!!! Thanks for doing that, by the way. It'll be awesome to have some great food after a long day of racing/spectating!